Hickory Street Church of Christ


We would love to have you come and be a part of our family at the Hickory Street Church of Christ. In our Bible studies we seek to learn what the Bible meant to the people who originally read it by looking at the context of each passage as well as the historical and cultural settings of the day. After we find the intended meaning of different passages, we see if and how they can apply to us today as twenty-first century Christians. This doesn’t mean that our Bible classes are only for people who have studied the Bible for years; our classes are for anyone and everyone, and – for a smaller group – we have a wide variety of ages, so you and your family would fit right in.

Our community of believers is also in a good spot for those seeking to escape the cold winters up North. Arcadia has a small town environment, but it comes equipped with several restaurants, a Publix, and even a college campus. The historic downtown area is a great destination for those who like to shop for antiques and even enjoy an ice-cream. Arcadia is also within easy driving distance of cities such as Sarasota, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.